Commercial Swimming Pool
Construction & Remodeling

Desert Tropics Pools has been providing solutions for commercial swimming pool projects in Arizona for years. Whether you are building a new pool or remodeling an existing one. Our knowledge of the local ordinances and requirements can help to make your projects flow smoothly, minimizing downtime, and making your pool facilities available to your customers sooner. We do all this, while saving you money.

We have specialized in reliable and cost effective commercial pool remodeling solutions for property and development managers around the Phoenix metropolitan area. Whether you are simply updating the esthetics of your existing swimming pool facilities, adding new features or equipment, or even needing to make changes in order to achieve compliance with the 2008 Virginia Graham Baker (VGB) law in order to avoid fines. Desert Tropics Pools experience in all aspects of commercial pool remodeling can provide the solution you need.

Desert Tropics Pools also provides new construction services as well. Our commercial personnel have been working in the Phoenix commercial construction industry for years. This experience allows us to provide a smooth running project that is completed on schedule and within budget.