What some of our customers have to say...

"Our first instinct was to go with one of the "big" builders, as we had on our previous pool. But after making the decision to go with Desert Tropics we soon confirmed we had made the right choice. All during the construction process and even with follow up service after the pool was completed, we found them very comfortable to work with. What a difference! We were always just a phone call away from our our salesman, the superintendent, and even the owner! That is something we could never have done with our last builder." Jake B., Goodyear,

" After using a 'Help You Build' pool company to build our pool, we ended up with the pool being built on top of our property line! It didn't take us long to find out that we had no recourse with that company and were on our own. We hired Desert Tropics, who ended up basically cutting our pool in half and rebuilding it. Everything turned out as planned including the redesign of our in-floor cleaning system. The project started in January and we were swimming by April. That was a year ago, and we highly recommend Desert Tropics to anyone looking to build or remodel their swimming pool no matter how complicated." Jacob & Casey R., Peoria

"Desert Tropics Pools built our pool a couple of years ago, and they were great to work with. It turned out just as we hoped it would. Even after the pool was finished, they are just a phone call away, as an ongoing resource. I recommend Desert Tropics to friends and clients who are looking to build new pools, or who need their pools remodeled or repaired. " Sean H., Paradise Valley

"We are glad that we decided to go with Desert Tropics. They were easy to work with and kept us informed throughout the construction process. Even when we made changes, they took them all taken in stride. They even worked around other house work we were having done the same time as the pool, without delaying the project. They made it a very easy process from start to finish. And our family loves our new pool." Matt M., Peoria

"Desert Tropics handled our remodeling project with ease. They let us know what we should expect, and it was apparent that this was something they knew very well as it happened just as they had explained to us up front. There were no surprises, and no hidden costs. We would highly recommend Desert Tropics to anyone planning to build or remodel their swimming pool." Jane J., Scottsdale